Dokku Help

Usage: dokku [–quiet –trace –force] COMMAND [command-specific-options]

Primary help options, type “dokku COMMAND:help” for more details, or dokku help –all to see all commands.


app-json                 Manage app-json settings for an app
apps                     Manage apps
builder                  Manage builder settings for an app
builder-dockerfile       Manage the dockerfile builder integration for an app
builder-null             No-op builder plugin
builder-pack             Manage the pack builder integration for an app
buildpacks               Manage buildpack settings for an app
certs                    Manage SSL (TLS) certs
checks                   Manage zero-downtime settings
cleanup                  Cleans up exited/dead Docker containers and removes dangling images
config                   Manage global and app-specific config vars
cron                     Manage scheduled cron tasks
docker-options           Manage docker options for an app
domains                  Manage domains used by the proxy
enter                    Enter running app containers
events                   Manage event logging
git                      Manage app deploys via git
help                     Print the list of commands
logs                     Manage log integration for an app
network                  Manage network settings for an app
nginx                    Manage the nginx proxy
plugin                   Manage installed plugins
proxy                    Manage the proxy integration for an app
ps                       Manage app processes
registry                 Manage registry settings for an app
repo                     Manage the app's repo
resource                 Manage resource settings for an app
run                      Run a one-off process inside a container
scheduler                Manage scheduler settings for an app
scheduler-docker-local   Manage the docker-local scheduler integration for an app
scheduler-null           No-op scheduler plugin
shell                    Interactive dokku prompt
ssh-keys                 Manage public ssh keys used for deployment
storage                  Manage mounted volumes
trace                    Manage trace mode
url                      Show the first URL for an application (compatibility)
urls                     Show all URLs for an application
version                  Print dokku's version

Community plugin commands:

postgres   Plugin for managing Postgres services